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The 3 Winning Laws of Profitable Trading

Winning Law #1


How do beginner traders differ from experienced traders? Experienced traders have the skills and the strategies to generate consistent profits on a weekly basis. The core of being a profitable trader is consistency. If you make money and earn profits on one or two trades, or even a few times a week, this will not be sustainable and profitable in the long run. It simply means you got lucky! Being consistent, in terms of having more winning trades than those that end in a loss, is what will bring you success. We will cover this in more detail below.

Winning Law #2


While consistency is vital to trading success, taking into account how much you earn or lose on each trade is also an important element. One of the main keys to success in online trading is having a higher profit-to-loss ratio. What this means is that while you want to ensure you have winning trades, this is not about ensuring profitability and being ‘perfect’ on every trade. Instead, the focus needs to be on winning more money than you are losing. You also need to fully understand the losses so you can reduce them in the long term.

Winning Law #3


Once you have achieved consistency in terms of your profitable trades in the markets, and you are ensuring you are achieving high profits and small losses, there is still another element that is vital for trading success. This core winning law of trading focuses on how many times your trades end profitably out of every 10 trades you execute in the financial markets. This takes into account your trade win percentage. The bottom line is, as your probability for profits increases, your journey to financial freedom gets shorter and quicker.

“Following the How to Invest Trading Academy Winning Profit Trio Will Ensure Your Sustainable, Secure and Safe Path To Trading Success………..”

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