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The 3 Winning Laws of Profitable Trading

Winning Law #1


How do beginner traders differ from experienced traders? Experienced traders have the skills and the strategies to generate consistent profits on a weekly basis. The core of being a profitable trader is consistency. If you make money and earn profits on one or two trades, or even a few times a week, this will not be sustainable and profitable in the long run. It simply means you got lucky! Being consistent, in terms of having more winning trades than those that end in a loss, is what will bring you success. We will cover this in more detail below.

Winning Law #2


While consistency is vital to trading success, taking into account how much you earn or lose on each trade is also an important element. One of the main keys to success in online trading is having a higher profit-to-loss ratio. What this means is that while you want to ensure you have winning trades, this is not about ensuring profitability and being ‘perfect’ on every trade. Instead, the focus needs to be on winning more money than you are losing. You also need to fully understand the losses so you can reduce them in the long term.

Winning Law #3


Once you have achieved consistency in terms of your profitable trades in the markets, and you are ensuring you are achieving high profits and small losses, there is still another element that is vital for trading success. This core winning law of trading focuses on how many times your trades end profitably out of every 10 trades you execute in the financial markets. This takes into account your trade win percentage. The bottom line is, as your probability for profits increases, your journey to financial freedom gets shorter and quicker.

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If you had a choice, who would you like to learn trading skills from? Would you like to copy, follow and learn from a trader who has profitable trades a few times a week OR would you rather learn from a trader who is consistently profitable and who has been enjoying financial freedom for the last decade, even with the major economic changes that have happened globally? The fact is, there is simply no value in learning from traders that have made money in a few of their trades. To give you some insight, there are 3 main obstacles which prevent more that 95% of traders from achieving financial success and I will delve into these in the upcoming webinar. There, I will provide you with the easy solutions to these trading obstacles and for now, simply keep in mind that they do exist and they could be the reason why you have not yet achieved long-term trading success.



The first obstacle, which stands in the way of a trader establishing consistency is as a result of one of the most natural tendencies of humans; the fear of missing out. As a result of this “FOMO”, many traders simply react to the market instinctually, without any thinking or analysis, and they open a trade that is set up to lose and to lose BIG. You have surely heard many stories like this. Many traders achieve trading success and profitability initially and then they start making mistakes, such as not exiting a trade at the right time, or they enter the market too late as a result of fear. These actions will not make you consistently profitable.


The second obstacle standing in the way of consistency for a trader, is that many traders simply lack structure and strategy when it comes to their trading activities. Many traders simply trade without any working strategy that has been tested to work; or strategies that are more effective for short-term or long-term trades. In addition, many traders have never even tested the strategy they are using. As a result of this, a trader simply trades in a cycle of trial and error, winning some trades and losing many more. The end result is a lack of consistency and no clarity regarding which strategy actually needs to be adjusted.


The third main obstacle for achieving consistency in trading is the ability to find quality trading setups. When you trade the markets on a consistent basis and you want to achieve profitable trading, then it is vital to know that there are defined principles that one must be aware of and follow religiously. If you want to achieve consistency and financial freedom, there are no short cuts. Instead, you must follow the principles of achieving accurate and profitable trade set ups, right down to the last detail. Any deviation from these vital trading principles, will simply result in a lack of the ability to achieve consistency and trading success.



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The core focus of the upcoming webinar is that you will gain direct insight into a tried and tested process for online trading. Our lecturer had to lose over $690,000 in trading losses before he clearly understood the three winning laws of the Profit Trio that will work for anyone who applies them to their trading activities.

Let us move on now to the 2nd Law of the Profit Trio.



Once you have achieved consistency in your trading activities, you now need to focus on the element of trading that is exceptionally important; the profit/ loss ratio. Here the focus is on the difference between the profits you make versus the losses. Many traders, especially those that are new to the online trading world, believe that trading is about NEVER losing. This is a big misconception and it should not be your key focus in any way. The focus should be on winning more trades than losing them. The goal is to learn how you can use the edge of profitability over losses in order to ensure you end the day profitable. In the upcoming webinar, we will discuss how you can minimize your losses, while maximizing your profits.



The first obstacle that stands in the way of traders achieving a successful profit/loss ratio is that most traders do not know where the edge of the cliff is nor do they know what their maximum loss threshold is. In many cases, traders tend to push past the edge of losses that they can afford and they end up losing more money than they expected to.


The second obstacle that stands in the way of most traders when trying to achieve the right profit and loss ratio is the knowledge of when to sell a losing trade and for how long to hold on to a winning trade. In many cases, traders do not have the ability to identify if the trade they are holding onto is a winning one or one that will simply cost them money.


The third obstacle facing traders is that they do not have the necessary knowledge or data to trade effectively. In many cases, for example, a trader will not understand the trading indicators or the key metrics, which they could use in order to boost the profit/ loss ratio in their favor. The end result is the inability to reduce the risks of trading and they end up losing.



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The third profit trio law focuses on your trade win percentage. This takes into account the percentage of times you win, while you are trading online. To put this into perspective, most traders achieve a negative trade win percentage. Furthermore, most traders do not understand that every trade they make, counts and contributes to, or reduces the trade win percentage. The more winning trades you have, the higher the trade win percentage, resulting in a higher probability of success while trading. In the upcoming, webinar, we will reveal the easiest ways to boost your trade win percentage and how to start your trading journey at a 50% trade win percentage base level.



The first obstacle that stands in the way of most traders achieving and maintaining a high trade win percentage is education. That is, if you do not know which factors impact the trade win % and how to reduce and optimize these factors, you will not achieve the desired trade win %. This can be compared to a chess board and learning where each piece should move to, in order to achieve the desired win. In most cases, traders simply trade blindly and as a result, they experience consistent losses without even understanding why they are losing. Our webinar will give you insight into what you need to know to maximize your trade win percentage.


The second obstacle that negatively impacts the trade win percentage is the fact that most traders trade based on their ‘gut’ feeling and they simply assume they know what the outcome of the trade will be. If you trade without taking into account market analysis, including actual numbers, statistics or market trends, you are simply playing a guessing game. Calculated trading is vital to boost your trade win percentage and to increase the trade win percentage. Online trading requires skills, strategies and an understanding of the factors that impact market movements. Once this is mastered, you can then increase your trade win %.


The third obstacle for most traders is that they approach online trading with the incorrect mindset. That is, some traders view trading as a form of gambling and they are simply betting on the outcome of a trade. These types of traders believe that if they continue trading in this way, they will eventually be profitable. It is important to remember that trading is not a game and it requires calculated moves in order to become profitable. In addition, there are many proven systems which can be used to trade effectively. “How” you trade is the focus and not “what” you trade. Our webinar will explain the “how.”



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Now let’s shift to the next question of – on average, how much daily profits do you need to earn to set you on the path to success?


Level #1

$50 - $100/ Day
Average Daily Profits at Level 1


Level #2

$101 - $200/ Day
Average Daily Profits at Level 2


Level #3

Average Daily Profits at Level 3


Three Laws To Live By To Achieve Trading Profitability

John’s Profit Trio Score = 14

How It Works:

Each third has a total of 6 points and a perfect score is 18. One can, however, be profitable with a lower number. Track your score to know where you lie within the Profit Trio.


Mike’s Profit Trio Score = 18

How It Works:

Each third has a total of 6 points and a perfect score is 18. One can, however, be profitable with a lower number. Track your score to know where you lie within the Profit Trio.


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